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Chinese Medicine
Does the center provides Chinese medicine dispensing services?
Our center provides Chinese medicine dispensing service to patients. The basic cost is $70 per dose. If a higher quality or precious Chinese medicine is required in the prescription, there will be an additional charge. The charges are displayed at the reception desk and pharmacy. If you have any enquiries, please contact the reception desk or pharmacy at our clinic.

Our center also provides decoction service at a price of $20 per dose. If you want to know more about the Chinese medicine charge or dispensing service, please check with the reception desk.
What kind of Chinese medicine services does the clinic provide?
Our centre provides general Chinese medicine, acupuncture and orthopaedics services. In terms of Chinese medications, we provide Chinese medicine herbs and concentrated granules. Our pharmacy also provides decoction service. For more details, please call 2873-3100 for inquiries
What are the charges for Chinese medicine services based on?
The Chinese medicine service charge is set according to the type of service and the seniority of the practitioner. The Chinese medicine practitioners at our clinic have varying clinical and teaching experience. The consultation fees for the general consultation are: $140 - $280 /$200 - $400 / $300 - $590 / $500 - $1000; acupuncture/orthopedics treatment fees are: $250 - $510 / $320 - $640 / $380 - $760/ $590 - $1190, additional service (including cupping, plum blossom needles, etc.) and precious Chinese medicine (such as Sichuan Fritillary, ginseng, etc.) is charged separately. Details can be inquired at the reception desk or consulted with Chinese Medicine Practitioner.
Can I make an appointment for physiotherapy service?
Currently, there is a practitioners who is qualified and registered as physiotherapist and Chinese medicine practitioner, he is able to provide integrative treatment services (acupuncture, orthopaedics and physical therapy). If you have a physiotherapy referral letter issued by a doctor, you can make an appointment for this service.
Integrative Medicine Treatment
What kind of Integrative Medicine Treatment are available at clinic?
Our centre is providing Western medicine specialist consultation, general Chinese medicine consultation (acupuncture and orthopedics are inclusive), Physiotherapy and Clinical Psychological Service. As for integrative medicine treatment service, the center is currently developing an “Integrative Medicine Treatment program”, targeting for Sleep Health, Thyroid Disease, Musculoskeletal Injury and etc. By taking advantages of both Western and Chinese medicine, we wish to achieve the best therapeutic effect.