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Effectiveness of Herbal Medicine (Shaoyao Gancao Decoction Jiawei) in Sleep-related Leg Cramps – A Pilot Study
Outcomes of stroke survivors with integrative Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments – a propensity-score matched analysis of 3690 Chinese patients in Hong Kong
A survey on the use of Traditional Medicine, Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Asia
Electro-acupuncture plus warm needling therapy for heel pain: a randomized controlled trial
Acupuncture and related therapies for treating irritable bowel syndrome: overview of systematic reviews and network meta-analysis
Prioritizing Chinese Medicine Clinical Research Questions in Cancer Palliative Care: International Delphi Survey
Electroacupuncture plus on‐demand gastrocaine for refractory functional dyspepsia: Pragmatic randomized trial
Chinese Herbal Medicine Effectively Prolongs the Overall Survival of Pancreatic Cancer Patients: A Case Series
Physicians’ and Patients’ Philosophy of Colorectal Cancer Care: A comparison of Chinese and Conventional Medicine
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Evaluation of result of Integrative Medicine care programme
Investigation of the effectiveness and safety of Chinese herbal medicine on the palliative care of Cancer patients
Efficacy and Safety of Chinese Medicine Angong Niuhuang Wan for the Treatment of the Stroke: A Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo Controlled Clinical Trial
A randomized, single-blind, controlled trial of electro-acupuncture for the treatment of symptomatic gallstone diseases
電針灸加常規護理以管理難治性功能性消化不良: 務實臨床試驗及經濟評估計畫
Evaluation of effectiveness of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine as treatment for gallstone diseases
Concordance of diagnoses between Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine on functional dyspepsia
Evaluation of curcumin on inflammatory bowel syndrome
Gastrointestinal (GI) cancer ranks the first of all cancer types in Chinese population


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中西醫結合治療哮喘及過敏性鼻炎研討會 | Symposium on Integrative Medicine Treatment for Asthma & Allergic Rhinitis
中西醫結合治療不孕不育研討會 Symposium on Integrative Medicine Treatment for Infertility
中西合璧 - 助孕成功路﹕網上公眾講座
中西醫結合治療特應性皮炎研討會 Symposium on Integrative Medicine Treatment for Atopic Dermatitis
中西醫結合治療甲狀腺疾病研討會 Integrative Medicine Treatment for Thyroid Diseases Symposium
三九天灸治療計劃 2021
中西醫結合治療泌尿系統疾病研討會 Integrative Medicine Treatment for Urological Disorders Symposium
疫情下壓力上升 籲留意腸胃問題或反映情緒健康響起警號 記者會
Latest Development on Gastrointestinal Cancer: Integrative Approach in Diagnosis and Treatment
Series of Life Nurturing Strategies Activities--Shatin Festival 2018
"Managing Allergies, from the Gut to the Skin Seminar" Seminar
Jockey Club Community Project for Aging Chronic Pain Management
CUHK Alumni Homecoming 2018
20th Diabetes and Cardiovascular Risk Factors - East meets West Symposium
Research Methodology Workshop in Integrative Medicine
Joint Symposium of Big Data in Integrative Medicine Research
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王秋平醫師 - 《Health Concept》
莊芳菲醫師 - 《中醫生活》
歐國賢醫師及盧景勳醫生 - 《香港新聞網》
黃仕達醫師 - 《中醫生活》
林玉瑜醫師 - 《中醫生活》
梁知醫師 - 《東網》
盧景勳醫生 及 陳晓薇醫師 - 《最強生命線》
周德宜醫師 -「健康查證」
莊芳菲醫師- 「房協長者通」
劉昭勁醫師 - 《醫生與你》
劉錦偉醫師 -《醫生與你》
劉玉麟醫生、連頴姸博士 - 《最強生命線》
連頴姸醫師 - 《最強生命線》
陳晓薇醫師 -《HK01》
劉玉麟醫生 -《Omnihealth Practice 2021年7月/8月號》
蔡潯遠教授- 《HK01》
林志秀教授 - 《HK01》
劉玉麟醫生及連頴姸醫師- 香港電台《醫生與你》
連頴姸醫師- 《房協長者通》
劉昭勁醫師- 香港電台《醫生與你》
連煒鈴醫師 - 《蘋果日報》
洪雙雙醫師- 《HK01》
連煒鈴醫師- 《房協長者通》
洪雙雙醫師- 《房協長者通》
林志秀教授 - 《晴報》
林志秀教授 -《HK01》
蔡潯遠教授 - 《HK01》
黃韻婷博士 - 《蘋果日報》
林志秀教授 - 《晴報》
林志秀教授 - 《東方日報》
洪雙雙醫師 - 有線新聞《至fit男女》
林志秀教授 - 《HK01》
洪雙雙醫師 - 有線新聞《至fit男女》
連煒鈴博士 - 《蘋果日報》
程劍華教授 - 《HK01》
歐國賢博士 - 《HK01》
黃韻婷博士 - 香港電台《精靈一點》
梁頌名教授 - 中央電視台及廣東衛視